Safe & Secure

100% barrier protection, even for flammable content and acidic food

Sealed with Freshness

Protects the natural aroma and original nutrients without any preservatives

A Greener Tomorrow

Protects natural resources by being infinitely recyclable without loss of properties

Proven packaging solutions for


Years in Market

We offer 100% barrier protection to keep your content safe and fresh

Steel is impermeable to UV lights, air, bacterial contamination and rodent safety. It helps attain the highest shelf life amongst packaging alternates.

Impact resistant

Products canned with steel, can resist adverse transportation & storage conditions & enables multi-layered stacking while resisting high axial loads.

A Reliable Solution

The rigidity of the steel cans enables packaging of products filled under pressure or under vacuum without distortion of the can. Steel cans also lend itself to thermal processing of contents without any physical change to its aesthetic appeal.

Steel is Recyclable Forever
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More Durable Than Other Packaging
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Energy Savings Using Recycled Steel
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Farm Fresh

Fruits and vegetables are canned within hours of harvesting retaining their nutrients throughout shelf life.


Steel, by design, is the most tamper-evident of all packaging medium, which helps keep the content safe from pests and rodents.

Versatile Packaging

Tinplate offers wide variety of shapes and sizes with a wide range of dispensing options for superior functionality and convenience.

Fast & Efficient

Inherent strength and magnetic properties of steel enable fast and efficient filling yielding economies of scale and energy savings.

Green Solutions

Steel is infinitely recyclable, making tinplate the most sustainable packaging solution.

Lighter Than Ever

Steel cans are now thinner and lighter, yet stronger and more durable today than 30 years ago, while reducing transportation costs and achieving higher yield, all the while retaining its properties.

A Part of Your Daily Life

Canned with Steel Family