Why Tinplate?

Tinplate offers better environmental performance overall, compared to other materials used for the same purpose…

Recycling helps to save energy and raw materials, reducing CO2 emissions and waste generated…

The Age of Utility has given way to the Age of Attractiveness & Shaping and is taking rapid strides into the Age of Convenience & Sustainability…

Few Reasons Why You Choose Tinplate

Steel is an infinitely recyclable packaging solution, which is tamper-evident, provides barrier protection,
is sealed with freshness, and is available in various shapes and sizes.

It is Safe

Stronger & Durable

  • Steel is impact-resistant, puncture-resistant and unbreakable
  • Can withstand high external pressure
  • Steel packaging offers 100% barrier protection against light, water and air

Tamper - evident

  • Steel, by design, is the most tamper-evident of all packaging medium
  • It keeps the content safe from pests and rodents
  • It offers the best content safety to the consumers

Fire Resistant

  • Steel packaging does not burn as quickly as other packaging materials
  • Steel is therefore the most appropriate solution for containment of paints, solvents, volatile and other inflammable products

It is Reliable

Consumers can trust

Sealed with freshness

  • Steel is unbreakable and hence offers total product protection during transportation or storage
  • Superior barrier properties ensure product quality and original aroma.
  • Strength and design of Cans make them pilferage free
  • Steel packaging is impermeable and retains original nutrients of the packed content
  • Canned food can be stored at ambient temperature
  • Can tolerate high temperature to eliminate all bacteria during the filling process
  • Fruits & vegetables canned within hours of harvesting retain their nutrients throughout their shelf life

It is Efficient

Fast & efficient filling

  • Inherent strength and magnetic properties of steel enable fast and efficient filling
  • Filling done at higher speeds ~ 1500 cans/min
  • High speed filling processes yields economies of scale and energy savings
  • High speed processes also minimize product spoilage

Supply chain advantage

  • Steel packaging require virtually no outer (secondary) packaging to protect it during transport
  • Food cans need to be only shrink wrapped and placed on a pallet
  • Steel offers high efficient multi-layer stacking and can resist high axial loads
  • Steel food cans require no refrigeration during transport and storage

Lighter yet stronger

  • Innovation in steel has made cans up to 40% lighter today than 30 years back
  • More number of cans made from same quantity of steel, improving productivity
  • Lighter yet stronger cans, without compromising end-use requirements

It is Distinct

Versatile packaging

  • Availability of steel packaging in a wide range of shapes & sizes enables brand differentiation & use for both consumer & bulk packs
  • Compatible with food, oil & fats, paints, aerosols, crowns, batteries and suited for many more applications
  • Wide range of dispensing options offer superior functionality and convenience

Brand appeal

  • Offers unparalleled premium packaging look, second to none
  • Ease of printing and embossing offer clear brand differentiation
  • Steel is also used as a secondary packaging for high quality premium products