What is Tinplate?

Tinplate, a tin coated steel, is the most sustainable and versatile packaging substrate which finds usage across a wide-end uses viz; food (edible oil, processed fruits & vegetables), non-food (paints & chemicals, aerosol sprays, battery) and beverages.

Steel is impact-resistant, puncture-resistant and unbreakable. It can withstand extremely high external pressures. Steel, by design, is the most tamper-evident of all packaging medium. It offers 100% barrier protection against light, water and air. It keeps the content safe from pests and rodents and it also offers the best content safety to the consumers.

Tinplate packaging has an aesthetic and a visually distinct appeal, creating opportunities for attractive branding. It also offers unparalleled premium packaging look. Once the steel is coated with tin, the tinplate can be coated with polymer, lacquered and printed, making it safe, functional and appealing, all at the same time.​

Evolution of Tinplate Packaging

Applications Uses of Tinplate

Battery, Closures & Aerosol

They keep the content fresh and intact, and offers infinite possibilities of printing surfaces.

Edible Oils

Most suited for bulk pack and premium oils requiring aroma retention

Paint & Chemicals

Tinplates have a higher filling rate, making it desirable for paint & chemical packaging. It can also withstand rigorous tinting method.

Processed Food

Best proven solution, lowest toxicity, pilfer proof, tamper evident, etc

Benefits of Tinplate

in comparison to other alternatives

Barrier Properties


Product Preservation

Transport Ease & Environment